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                  • Telesis, Laser Marking, Dot Peen Marking, & Scribe Marking Systems since 1971
                  • TTMC520 Marking System Controllere
                  • Telesis ProStation Laser Workstations
                  • Telesis, the world leader in industrial permanent part marking solutions

                  LASER MARKING SYSTEMS

                  Laser marker marks stainless steel

                  Our Fiber, CO2, Green, Infrared, and UV Laser Marking Systems satisfy demanding laser customers in every industry. Mark text, bar codes, 2-D codes and graphics on virtually any material.

                  EXPLORE LASERS

                  PINSTAMP® DOT PEEN

                  dot peen marker marks industrial part

                  Fully programmable PINSTAMP® Dot Peen Markers permanently indent the target surface and feature our proprietary floating pin system. They are available in single and multiple pin varieties, as well as portable units.

                  EXPLORE DOT PEEN


                  machine-scribed metal characters

                  TeleScribe® Marking Systems inscribe high quality, continuous line characters in materials from plastics to hardened steel. Powerful motors operate in virtual silence.

                  EXPLORE SCRIBE

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                  custom engineered solutions and integration for part marking


                  Our unequaled engineering capabilities mean we can customize Laser and PINSTAMP® Dot Peen systems to meet your most challenging needs.

                  Whether you need to achieve a demanding cycle time, mark your part in a difficult location, or meet an error-proof requirement, we can create a solution that's uniquely right for your situation.


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